Categrory: Driving Behaviour

Overall Sentiment:

Positive Sections: 8%

Mixed Sections: 8%

Negative Sections: 46%

Neutral Sections: 38%

Score Average:

Positive Sections:62%1%37%
Negative Sections:14%5%81%
Mixed Sections:46%22%32%
Overall Average:24%7%69%

Sentiment for each Section:

19430 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

World's Most Comprehensive Tesla Model X Test Drive Review

2% Positive
97% Neutral
1% Negative

194326 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

Initially, the system feels unnerving to engage, but it works particularly well on motorways and dual carriageways.

34% Positive
0% Neutral
66% Negative

194333 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

The Model X measures more than 5m in length, so you’ll need plenty of off-street parking, plus the ability to install a charging port if this is to be a viable option.

1% Positive
98% Neutral
1% Negative

194342 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

The Tesla Model X range starts from £75,000 for the 75D, but then rapidly jumps to £92,000 for the 100D and £132,000 for the P 100D. That sounds pretty punchy in isolation, and even more challenging when considered alongside more traditional rivals that are better finished, better equipped and more fun to drive.

46% Positive
22% Neutral
32% Negative

19547 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

Note: In the original version of the text, we had incorrectly written that the five-seatversion version of the Model X was also limited in the length of the cargo space: this is not true, the rear seat backrests can be folded over in the case of the five-seater, a very long cargo space is created, which is not quite flat, however. We regret the mistake and thank you for the numerous hints.

1% Positive
0% Neutral
99% Negative

195412 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

The verdict of all our test drivers was nevertheless unanimous: White is cool, but no one would choose to buy it, but instead opt for black.

62% Positive
1% Neutral
37% Negative

195413 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

Drive, driving performance and driving behaviour

11% Positive
80% Neutral
9% Negative

195418 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

No fast-driver car

13% Positive
46% Neutral
41% Negative

195419 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

Passionate motorway razors should still look for another car – there are several reasons for this: Beyond the motorway directional speed, the wind noises quickly rise into disrepair, especially from the area of the A-pillar and exterior mirror it gets quite loud, which does not fit either the actually excellent aerodynamics of the Model X or the vehicle class. Even the straight-line run at high motorway speeds does not fit the upper class claim: The enormous 20-inch wheels run after lane gutters and force many steering corrections.

20% Positive
2% Neutral
78% Negative

195420 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

The brakes show that they are not made for the race track when the load is high: the braking effect is perfectly ok even with a full braking of more than 200 km/h, but the Tesla brakes signal by a pronounced odour development that they do not like this exercise and do not want to repeat it quickly.

28% Positive
25% Neutral
47% Negative

195422 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

The driving dynamics on winding tracks are on a high Nieveau, but the direct comparison with Audi e-tron or Mercedes EQC shows what the state of the art has to offer today: the German E-SUVs can compete with sporty sedans, while the driver in the Tesla is always aware that he is balancing 2.5 tons around the corners.

8% Positive
91% Neutral
1% Negative

195427 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

In the functions for semi-autonomous driving, the Model X has fallen behind. Contrary to popular belief that Tesla is on the verge of bringing truly autonomous cars onto the road, the current cars on German roads are clearly behind premium competition. While the German manufacturers install cruise control systems in all new models, which can anticipate the speed based on the map material, which additionally include the road signage in this planning, for example, in order to brake correctly for construction sites and which also recognize stop signs and red traffic lights in the latest expansion stage and issue warning signals, such functions are missing in the Model X.

0% Positive
2% Neutral
98% Negative

195434 (Category: Driving Behaviour):

To add up a few eye-catching ones: there is no head-up display, the towbar has to be used very cumbersomely by hand, when closing the front hood you make yourself and the hood dirty, the Michelin tires roll off loudly, for the panoramic windshield there is no glare-protection roller, but only impractical narrow sun visors, the headlights (see above) do not fit a 100. 000-EuroAuto, at the delivery (our test car had 16 kilometers on the clock when it was taken over) disturb strong plastic evaporations, the air conditioning does not work without pull and individualization options ex works are practically completely missing.

1% Positive
2% Neutral
97% Negative

Top 5 positive Opinions:

White (mentioned 1 times)
motorway razors (mentioned 1 times)

Top 5 negative Opinions:

wind (mentioned 1 times)
exercise (mentioned 1 times)
functions (mentioned 1 times)
Michelin tires (mentioned 1 times)
roll off
headlights (mentioned 1 times)